The AMB Difference

We understand you have plenty of choices when it comes to medical professional services. Accurate Medical Billing offers safer and faster processing, better access and a higher level of commitment than you find most anywhere else. How can we offer this?

Here are the 5 main reasons that create the “AMB Difference”.

Cloud Based vs. Computer Based

Other Billing Companies

Many companies in this industry utilize commercialized, mass produced, billing software programs that are pre-packaged and not necessarily created for behavioral health practitioners.

Often these programs are stored on local hard-drives in either offices or homes that are not secured in a manner which is HIPAA compliant. Your sensitive client information can be at risk of hard drive failure, flood, fire or even worse, theft.

The AMB Difference

Accurate Medical Billing works with a web-based software application that was created by, and was made specifically for, behavioral-health practitioners.

AMB provides the most secure forms of protection for you and your patient’s information. Patient information is transmitted over secure servers and the data created is stored at a facility with fire and security measures that are HIPPA compliant.

All sensitive information gets backed up daily to multiple/redundant servers in the event a problem arises.

Faster Turnaround on Rejected Claims

Other Billing Companies

On local, computer-based software programs, often times a claim rejection is not recognized by the software for days or even weeks.

The AMB Difference

Using web-based technology for claims processing provides Accurate Medical Billing the capability to reprocess claims faster, with more accuracy, and subsequently at a higher success rate than our competitors.

In addition, by using electronic claim processing, it allows us to retrieve and reprocess claims 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week. Our client’s claims are monitored 365 days a year, providing them with a rapid response to any potential problems.

Complete Access to Patient Accounts 24/7

Other Billing Companies

Most practitioners send their billing company patient information with the expectation that all claims will be dealt with in a timely manner without further complications.

In the event that a practitioner wants to follow-up on an outstanding claim, they have no effective way to track the status of a claim once it has left their office.

The AMB Difference

This is where Accurate Medical Billing really stands apart from their competitors. At AMB, we believe one of the most important components our web-based software is the ability for our clients to hold us accountable for our work.

We offer all AMB clients 24 hour-a-day, 7 day-a-week access to their accounts through a secure, online, web portal that is accessible from any computer with an internet connection.

Not only can clients oversee what is happening with every aspect of their account but they can also utilize the system as an online resource for patient and insurance company access. With the advent of secure, mobile technology, retrieving client information can literally be done from the palm of your hand.

Strong Emphasis on Developing Relationships

Other Billing Companies

It is common for many companies to take on business for the sole purpose of generating more revenue.

They put little emphasis on their client’s individual needs and requirements. If a relationship does or does not develop between the two entities, so be it.

The AMB Difference

There are many alternatives available when it comes to billing specialists. At AMB we believe that the relationship between ourselves and our clients is just as important as what we were hired to do. Open and honest communication is paramount for building long-term effective relationships. Many times, we receive new clients merely because their old billing company could not effectively communicate with them, thus ending their relationship.

To ensure that we are exceeding your expectations, we include as part of our agreement, an in-person, hour-long consultation (or teleconference for those located outside of our geographic area) every other month at the client request, to discuss any concerns they have about their account. AMB is proud to say that we have never lost a client due to poor service.

Seamless Process

Other Billing Companies

Often, billing companies do not offer a seamless approach to claims processing. This is usually a result of the way that they initially process their clients work.

Using paper-based processing systems and collecting their client claims via couriers and/or U.S. mail exposes these companies to a multitude of problems.

This antiquated method can have a “snowball effect”, making them susceptible to fall behind on your work which leads to problems with communicating accurate information to you and your patients.

Ultimately you suffer the consequences.

The AMB Difference

With Accurate Medical Billing administering your practice, you can be assured the same level of professionalism that you provide your patients at every appointment.

Most patients rarely know that AMB is involved in your administrative work.  Our work is completed quickly and accurately the first time.