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AMB receives many requests for information about the details of our services.

This Frequently Asked Questions list has been sorted into the three sections that we receive the most requests for: Pricing, Security and Legal issues. If you have a question that is not answered here, please email us and we will reply directly back to you, via email, as soon as possible.


How much are your services going to cost me each month?

This always is the first question from inquiring practitioners and honestly we wish it was just that easy to give you a price.

The bottom line is this… the monthly expense for our general service is calculated by taking a percentage of the reimbursement rate of all claims and invoicing generated through Accurate Medical Billing. Therefore, month-to-month costs will fluctuate slightly based on the volume of your business we process.

How will you determine what my percentage will be?
Our pricing is all tailored to the needs of your practice. We have priced our potential competitors and we are confident that the proposal we will provide you is within industry standards.

We believe it is our obligation to disclose all costs to you at the time you are presented with a proposal. There will never be any hidden fees or complex language built into our proposal that could eventually raise your expenses. If you would like to receive a quote, click here.

I am being quoted a rate of X percent from company XYZ, will you match or beat their rate?
It is important to mention that if you are attempting to compare our services with other similar companies, please make sure you ask them what is NOT included in their pricing and that you are evaluating comparable services.

Many times, companies will offer you a quote that is ridiculously low just to attract your business. Later on, you find out that you have to incur additional fees and expenses for getting your work done to your expectations.


I’m in (insert your city and state) and you are based in Arizona, how can I send you my work securely?
Secure and reliable technology is a wonderful thing! At Accurate Medical Billing, following all HIPAA protocols, we utilize the latest methods of secure technology to transmit documents and data in a way that never puts you or your client’s information at risk.

The medical field has been one of the lagging industries in the United States to utilize online technologies to transmit sensitive data. We are glad to say that we have never experienced a breach of security with any data transmitted electronically.

I am glad that you take great effort to secure your clients data but I have always worked with a local billing company, how can this work with us being so far apart?
We can certainly understand the hesitation you might have working with a company that is not located locally. Through the use of technology, Accurate Medical Billing’s (an Arizona corporation), physical location has absolutely no impact on the quality or speed of your service. Almost every aspect of our business is completed online and all communication is conducted by email and telephone.

Our client base stretches from New York to Hawaii and everywhere in between. You can see what our national clients have to say about us at our testimonial page.

At this point, it also might be helpful to look at a flowchart that visually explains every step of our seamless process. Our goal is to facilitate the back-office responsibilities between you and your patients in a way that is completely transparent.

We are currently with another billing company. How do we switch over to you?
This is the most likely reason providers remain with their current biller, even if they are receiving poor service. Transitioning to a new biller can present challenges.

AMB will work with you and if possible, your current billing company, to make the process as stress-free as possible. Although every transition is unique, we will evaluate your situation and discuss the options you have to migrate your information to our company.

How do you store and use sensitive client information once it reaches you?
This should be the first question that any practitioner should ask a potential billing company. Where does my client data go once it is received?

Living in a culture where identity theft is on the rise, Accurate Medical Billing decided at its foundation to operate as a “paper-free” corporation. Besides being environmentally friendly, it allows us to process and store data without the need to make hard paper copies. Any paper documents you might send us via fax or other means are transmitted as encrypted files and then converted to electronic files. They are viewed for processing on computer screens by our staff.

Once we use the data we receive it is stored onto secure servers (and backed up to multiple/redundant servers) for a pre-determined amount of time in the event that we need to access it for additional information. Data is only printed when it is absolutely essential to complete a transaction. We follow strict HIPAA guidelines for the destruction and disposal of all unused printed sensitive documents.

If our business relationship ends, what happens to all of the data I sent you?
Unfortunately, “life-events” occur and sometimes relationships will terminate as a result of that.

If our business relationship ends, any sensitive data collected during the course of working together, can be returned to you upon your written request. All servers housing patient data will be “cleaned” of information and disposed of in a way that is HIPAA compliant.

Complete details on how we carry out a final data transfer can be discussed in more depth at the client’s discretion.


Are we entering into a legal agreement together? If so, are we locked into a minimum amount of time with AMB regardless of our level of satisfaction?
Yes to the first question and no to the second one. Any reputable company should have, as we do, a legal document that should be agreed to, and signed by, both parties. At the minimum this document should cover the basic rights and responsibilities of both parties.

Accurate Medical Billing’s legal agreement does contain language pertaining to the discontinuation of services that falls in line with industry protocol. This agreement contains no language stating that clients of AMB are to be locked into a “time-sensitive” contract with us.

Further details on the discontinuation of services will be clarified during a consultation with prospective clients prior to the signing of our legal agreement.

Do you work with any practitioners that are based outside the United States?
No. Due to local, state, federal insurance regulations, we are unable to offer our professional services to those practicing outside of the United States and its territories. We also do not service any American citizens who are practicing abroad.