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Trusted By Our Customers

“I used to spend a lot of my time at work and at home managing the business aspect of my private practice. I used to worry a lot about keeping track of EOB’s and past monies due. Now since I switched to AMB I find that I am more able to focus on my clients and they have been able to collect for past money owed by insurance companies and clients.”

Bobette Smith Siegel, MSW, LCSW

Scottsdale, AZ

“Thanks to Accurate Medical Billing, I now have a smooth billing and receivables system in place that is fast, reliable and worry-free!”

Lauren Dawson Ph.D., ABPP-ABCN

Honolulu, HI

“Accurate Medical Billing was my attempt at reducing my workload and improving my quality of life as a solo practitioner. I achieved both of those goals by working with AMB, but I also had the unexpected benefit of improved cash flow and less stress. The precision of the AMB methods allowed me to relax, knowing that if I forgot to bill a patient or forgot to balance an account, AMB would quickly alert me, leading to peace of mind. It was easy to communicate with AMB even though I am in the Midwest and AMB is based in Arizona. I feel that AMB tracks my interests at every turn.”

Todd Snyder, Psy.D., HSPP

Portage, IN

“My company, Phoenix Psychological Services, has been a private-practice office for over 20 years. Several times over this period, I have attempted to hire staff to help run the office but found it difficult to find and/or retain highly qualified people. Ultimately, the responsibility fell back on me to complete all the billing and collections in the business. Bottom line was that managing my practice while attempting to provide good service to my patients was becoming too cumbersome.


When Accurate Medical Billing first approached me and inquired if I might be interested in having them take care of my back-office tasks, I was very hesitant to let go my control over the business. In hindsight, I am so glad I decided to give them an opportunity.

Accurate Medical Billing has turned out to be a huge time-saver for my business. They have lifted the burden of administrative responsibilities, giving me more time to spend with my family and other activities. AMB is detailed, precise, accurate, and on top of things all the time. They are proactive to any inquiries I make; questions are answered right away and action is taken quickly.

Most importantly, Accurate Medical Billing is trustworthy, safe, and professional. I would highly recommend AMB to anyone considering such services.”

Rosemarie Ludwig, Ph.D.

Phoenix, AZ