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Accurate Medical Billing’s philosophy on providing quotes for prospective clients is to analyze each practice’s needs individually.

Since every practice is unique, we believe offering just one pricing plan and having all of our prospective clients conform to it seems a bit unreasonable. Therefore, any proposal presented to you will be tailored to meet the individual demands of your practice.

Featured here are a few questions that we ask of any practitioner interested in our services. The answers you provide will help us determine the appropriate pricing for our services.

Please take a moment to answer them and a representative will contact you within 24 business hours with a proposal.

Please Note: Information submitted on the above form will never be used or provided to outside sources. Your contact information will remain strictly confidential to Accurate Medical Billing Inc. Click here to review our privacy policy.

If you would rather discuss these questions by phone, please let us know a time frame that works best for you and we can arrange for a free consultation.

Accurate Medical Billing is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona (Mountain Standard Time).

    1. What is your credential level?

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    2. How many total billable insurance hours do you (your practice) have in a typical week?

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    4. Will you require AMB to provide any of these services on a routine basis?
    Verifying patient eligibility and benefitsGetting pre-authorization for servicesContracting and/or credentialingAddress and/or tax ID updatesMailing statements to patients with outstanding balancesI don't need any of the above services

    5. What is your current billing situation?
    Dissatisfied with my current serviceI do the billing myselfJust getting started

    6. When are you looking to make a change?

    7. How did you hear about AMB?
    My Clients PlusReferral from current AMB clientWeb searchOther

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